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"Here, There" - 2022


A part of the project was produced during the Al Balad Residency Program, with the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Hafez Gallery


The project I started to develop in Saudi Arabia in 2022 is a new long-term project, entitled « Here, There ». This project combines a photographic approach and the production of a documentary of creation both in the West and the Gulf region, between France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. My research is based on the history of the 1991 conflict, and follows the temporal and geographical unfolding of the facts, to proposes to take a sociological look at the war, in light of the technologies traditionally used in the military field.

It’s also a thought which challenges the viewer, the public, on the way in which visual information produced in the context of conflicts is distributed and received, by crossing the Western point of view with the one of the Gulf.

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